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To Marc Claude MARTI. 1941 - 2001

Marc-Claude Marti died on the 26th of September 2001 in Sharm-El-Sheikh in the Red Sea of Egypt. He was 60 years old. He died just how he lived, quietly and serenely.

Marc-Claude was born on the 13th of September 1941 in Geneva, son to a surgeon. We remember when he repeated on several occasions that his life had only started in 1947, when he recovered from encephalitis, a disease that removed parts of his memory. To this, he would often say, "How can you imagine a quiet life after such an experience? »

During high school, he had a strong attachment for drama (theater), which preoccupied his parents, for they were convinced that he could not make his passion, his work. Still attached to his theatrical activity, he was not ready to study medicine but eventually, he would go to university and start studying. Medicine was one of his choices and the other was biology, he studied both of them at the same time.

He continued his education, still unsure of his future, with obtaining his medical degree. Then, as he would say to himself, "I have a vision." He went to Great Britain to pursue his extensive training in coloproctology.

When he returned to Geneva, he developed before everyone, a specialty in the University Hospital, ambulatory, polyclinic and proctology surgery. He was the first to describe the posterior perineal block anesthesia, which made him famous worldwide.

Then, as he would say to himself, his "walking stick", to convince all the European proctology societies to gather as one, all grouped around one single European proctology council “the ESCP”. For over 15 years, he worked as a secretary to so call company, were he showed his kindness, patience and seriousness. He approached more than 20 companies in order to bring them together. At the same time, he promoted a lot of techniques enabling patients to benefit from the surgical procedures, especially in the pelvic floor. He was invited to several international conventions, he participated as a coloproctology newspaper’s reviewer, known world- wide. And was a member of several scientific surgical societies.

An impressive man he was, as described by his disciple Bruno Roche, he had three traits:

First, Marc-Claude was an optimist.

Every morning, when he was asked: "how are you today?" He would invariably reply," Well, in principal ". In the operating room, not having started the first patients operation, he would ask to bring in the second patient that needed operating, and surprisingly, he would finish his interventions on the time.

Second, he was generous.

Not only from a materialistic point of view, but he was very generous at heart. Anyone who would approach him was always well received with a kind: "Hi, what can I do for you? ". Many of us, who have been in Geneva or have simply passed within the proctology clinic, will remember his generosity forever.

Third, he was filled with good humor.

He was always ready in all circumstances and in multiple languages; ready to tell his famous jokes. Today, times are hard but we are certain that our "Master" would agree with us.

Finally, we, Marc-Claude Marti’s disciples, agree that he was visionary, with a mind ready to help others and to find the source of the problem for each situation. As he would say in Italian: "Sè non e vero è ben trovato".

As Bruno Roche described and several of us who have known and experienced great experiences with Marc-Claude Marti, he has passed down a GREAT gift, knowledge about a job he knew better than anyone. Thanks to his ways and generosity, we, some of his students, have been put forth in several hospitals in Switzerland and around the world. We will forever carry out gratitude to him.