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Pain treatment

RTR (Rectal Stamp by ROCHE)

You will begin RTR therapy, the rectal pad is used to relieve any kind of pain or itching of the anus and anal canal discomfort. In order to benefit properly from the application of the prescribed solution by your specialist, you must follow the steps as follows:

  1. Check that all RTR is well deflated to achieve an introduction through the anus without inconvenience; for this, simply connect a syringe on the white tip and deflate the RTR.
  2. After having manually done the introduction of the RTR, which can be helped by applying an ointment to the anus prior the insertion. Then inflate the RTR with a 20 ml syringe (just instill air).
  3. Once the pad is in place and inflated moderately depending on your tolerance and comfort, you can connect the syringe containing the prescribed solution by your specialist at the blue end (tap).
  4. Inject the prescribed amount of solution prescribed by your doctor. The dose can vary from 5 ml to 10 ml, once or more than three times a day.
  5. Remain lying on the side for about 20 minutes, you can change position every 5 or 10 minutes if you wish. During this time, the solution prescribed by your doctor gradually releases through micro-porosities of RTR a processed comforting action to the operated area.
  6. After 20 minutes, check the pad if it’s well deflated by aspirating 20 ml of blown air. Gently remove the pad, and perform cleaning by simply using warm water. Caution, do not use soap or detergent. Utilisation: Maximum 7 pads for 6 days.

Consult your doctor for any other additional information or any experience during the application of rectal pad by Roche.

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