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Welcome to the Proctologica Procedures (TM) website: We propose information about issues concerning colon and anal diseases.

We invite you to carefully read each chapter and their corresponding links giving you an easy way to visit our website.

The aim of Proctologica is to grant to general practitioners, surgical assistants, general surgeons, gastroenterologists and medical students; the medical-surgical knowledge in treating colorectal anal diseases.

You will also find, an information chapter for patients suffering from proctology diseases.

Photos, illustrations, charts and algorithms are proposed on Proctologica and are all referenced under the bibliography chapter all presented in Pub-Med and Cochrane.

Despite its renowned reputation, Proctology is one of the most important causes of emergency consultation with a general practitioner. The justifications of such apprehension are related to the knowledge of the surgeon or physician. Often patients occur with a problem and without any references and having passed through different doctors; the complexity of their problem in the specified region is overlooked and therefore remains unresolved.

Currently, coloproctology is no longer a minor specialty, the profound knowledge in the colon and recto-anal anatomy and the pathophysiology has greatly developed in the clinical progress, with evaluated imaging resulting to more complex investigations leading to more accurate results and to more targeted treatments.

Despite all the current technology, several treatments in the world of proctology are done without true scientific basis which are shown by randomized studies, prospective and controls which are extremely hard to achieve. Many "old" procedures persist and still remain in force today. Several other "new" procedures take place and develop from day to day according to surgeons’ personal preferences.

We are sure that in the near future, all of these procedures, both old and new, will all be validated in prospective, randomized and controlled trials.

This site owes its existence to the efforts of multiple icons in proctology. We are indebted to the talent and contribution of Prof. Marc-Claude Marti and PD Dr. Bruno Roche for their wide tips and guides regarding references on this website.

Dr E. Xavier DELGADILLO-PFENNINGER ( Directeur Médical Associé Propriétaire )
Dr Philippe WUTHRICH ( Associé Propriétaire )
Drse Tunde Magdolna GASPAR ( Associée )

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