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To Nicolas Peloponisios. 1963 - 2008

Goodbye Nicolas


Extract of his farewell ceremony from all his friends and loved ones, Lausanne 16th of September 2008:

The thread is not cut.
Death is nothing ...
I’m only in the room next door.

You are you, I am me.
I have been for you, I still am.
Give me the name you have always given me,
talk to me as you have always done.

Do not use a different tone, do not take a solemn or sad tone.
Laugh about things that made us laugh.

Smile, think of me and pray for me.
Let my name to be pronounced at home, as it always was, without emphasis of any kind, or trace of any shadow.

Life means everything it always was. The thread is not cut.
Why should I be out of your mind, simply because I’m not in sight?

I'm not far, just on the other side of the path. You see, all is well.

I wish you the best

(J.-M. Humeau)

You who has just left us, may the Lord bless you.
May the fullness of his love greet you.
May your new life lead you towards greater fulfilment.
May the heavens and earth be an unfathomable discovery ...

For all that we founded, working together, sharing together, forever.

Your friend and colleague

Xavier Delgadillo